About the Band

Oakville High School Band Program

Marching Band

Over the past 25 years, the Oakville Marching Band has been honored with more than three hundred individual awards.  The band has consistently placed at local competitions and as a finalist at Bands of America Regional and Super Regional events on three occasions.


Symphonic Band & Wind Symphony

The Symphonic Bands are auditioned curricular ensembles.  They have performed at numerous conventions and festivals, including the Western Illinois Showcase of Bands, Bands of America Nation Concert Band Festival, five times at the Missouri Music Educators Association state convention, and eight appearances at the National Adjudicators Invitational. 

Concert Band

Concert Band places emphasis on the development of musical fundamentals in preparation for future placement in Symphonic Band or Wind Symphony.  This group seeks to broaden performance and learning skills through the programming of exemplary literature while cultivating an interest in the band.  The Concert Band participates in several concerts during the school year.

Jazz Band

Our Jazz Band program allows students to explore various musical styles within the jazz idiom.  Students focus on the performance and understanding of various elements of jazz music such as improvisation and other specialized techniques.

Pep Bands

Our three Pep Bands offer an opportunity for band members to cheer on our basketball team at the home games. Playing tunes to get the crowd excited and get the team fired up is a great way to get a win.

Oakville High School was opened as a ninth grade center in 1969 and developed into a full time high school in the Fall of 1973. Tom Keene, the original Oakville Band Director started the instrumental program at the high school in1972. Other previous Oakville Band Directors, include Aurelia Hartenberger, Dave Baumner, Charlie Harrelson, Aurelia Hartenberger and David Meador. The Oakville Band Program has a long tradition of excellence in symphonic, marching, and chamber music.  This rich history is attributed to our founding principals of continual improvement and individual student development.  Our goals have consistently been focused on surpassing our personal bests to achieve new heights through the collaborative efforts of our performance ensembles. 

In the past several years, the Band Program has experienced significant growth, enabling the addition of a new symphonic ensemble in 2011.Our curriculum features many opportunities for young minds to cultivate their love of music and performance including the Oakville Marching Band, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and three Pop Bands.  Through these groups, we emphasize musicality and musical understanding, technique, sight reading, and performance skills.  We also strongly encourage participation in All Suburban and All State and are extremely proud that over 67% of our high school band members participate in the Solo/Ensemble Contests annually.

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