10 Reasons Buy Grocery Cards


Fund Raiser Card  

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Grocery Cards
(you might notice a recurring theme)

No. 10 Everyone has to eat and grocery cards are used to buy food at Dierbergs or Shop ‘n Save.
No. 9   Buying food is not optional, as is buying fundraiser candy.
No. 8  You can earn money in your student’s account by buying food!  4% of every sale is credited directly to that account which can be used to help fund band trips.
No. 7  Buying grocery cards gives you a way to use that gold pouch you got when your student joined band.
No. 6  Bob and Amie Reynolds are nice people who are willing to work with you to find the best way to get cards to you.
No. 5 There is scientific proof that everyone has to eat so why not be rewarded for spending money on food?
No. 4 There are only so many closets in your house in which you can store fund-raising wrapping paper.
No. 3 Grocery cards are available all year long, exactly the same times you have to eat.
No. 2 Grocery cards are as easy to use as a credit card. Just slide them through the card reader at the checkout. IF you do not spend the entire amount in one trip, it stays on the card to use the next time.  Cards are good for one year.
The TOP reason to buy grocery cards- When you buy grocery cards, you can use them to buy something you’re going to buy anyway-food!-not something good only for special occasions.  It’s like being rewarded for doing something you already do!

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